We offering a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services to the private and public sector.

Whether you require one cleaner at a single location, or a team of cleaners at various locations, Our Cleaning services can provide tailored cleaning services for your business and budget requirements.

We provide a reliable and efficient cleaning service at competitive rates, with highly trained, trustworthy and security conscious staff.

Our company has a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry, so our clients can be assured that all aspects of their service will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

We offer a complete hygiene service for a fixed budget price to include the provision of trained cleaners, using superior cleaning equipment and cleaning products, all fully insured.


  • Normal Cleaning/General Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • And Commercial Cleaning

General Cleaning

  • Remove all exposed product
  • Dry clean/Sweep area
  • Wet area to be cleaned
  • Clean and scrub area
  • Rinse
  • Air dry / store properly

Deep Cleaning 

          We continually monitor all of our contracts to ensure that your building is safe from hazards and that a clean and carefree work environment is always available. Our employees understand the value that their work provides and are hired based on both ability and friendliness. 

Commercial Cleaning

  • Thorough dusting of all interior and exterior fittings.
  • Dust control throughout the construction or building work.
  • Clean all interior and external walls.
  • Window cleaning, including frames and sills.
  • Remove all the stickers from windows and fittings.
  • Wooden floor cleaning (buffing, vacuuming, damp moping)
  • Floor scrubbing with single disc scrubbing machine